p30 November 2015/rruption lamp socket G4 low wholesale prices/span.brИсточники spanLED/span illumination, which have the G4 are small and rather economical in comparison with halogen lamps of this type. As a result of the possession of individual lines and a slight energy consumption, this kind of lamps are well used in many branches of human activities. span title=pervomaiskyimiskvodokanal/span problems spanLED/span lamps with a G4 cap stock is considered a change span title=halogenoalkanes/span lights.brbrspanVixma/span - this is a firm that gives a great client - class and cost-effective variation spanLED/span lamps.

These companies are able to win a considerable number of light diodes in a small shell, which is correspondingly similar to the dimensions of halogen lamps. Because of the use of large span rel=quantity ID=quantity/economical span of the light diodes, manufacturers have managed over the economical lamp, which are able to give quite a huge stream of light. In conjunction with this, spanLED/span bulb,which has a G4 cap usually contains a power of 3W, and the light flux is provided by comes 200Lm. span rel=Halogens title=Halogen/span bulb for extracting the similar stream of light must be a power of 10W mode, in relationship, with than the beloved is not profitable according to the comparison with spanLED/span a basis of the lighting./pp2015 VIXMA - led lighting.

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