Pb this section collected a list of useful documented information. Here you can find the certificates and patents of the company FOCUS. Refer dimensional drawings for led lamps. For specialists in the field of lighting consists of legal documents, and IES files for Dialux program. You can also find catalogs and company presentations the FOCUS.

/eres, modern design led lighting helps software that allows to simulate on the computer to run a number of projects. Dialux is a tool that is well known by experts in the industry. Offer prepared by IES-files, containing the necessary information about led lamps the company's FOCUS./ere this section, are useful informational materials that help you learn more about the company and produced at its plant lighting equipment. Some of them can be obtained in printed form.

They can be distributed at exhibitions and seminars, which are attended by experts of the company./gostinichno much time you may need to search in the technical libraries of normative documents. This section contains the most in-demand documentation. It will be useful primarily to experts in the lighting industry, engaged in designing lighting systems./p.